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​when the “Home” tab is  selected it will take you to the “Home” page.  The “Home” page will take you to your feed of where you will see your photos along with photos that your friends have posted. The Profile selection will take you to your profile page. You can click on the Profile tab or click on the “BaeView” icon at the top of the screen in purple and white to go to your Profile page.

The Friends selection will take you to your Friends Screen with the option to search for Friends or Girlfriends/Boyfriends….You may search by name or by location.

The Messages tab allows you to send messages or pictures to your friends. Simply click on the “+” icon to select the friend to send the message.

*****At any point in the app simply swipe the screen to the right to come back to the “Bae View” Home Screen with all the available tabs.

The Notifications tab will register a numerical indication for you to see if you have new notifications. Simply click on Notifications and then click on the notifications to see the Notification messages and the Users who have sent the Notifications.

The Search tab is to be used to select all Users who uses the app. You may Search by Name, Nearby, or Status…. The Status selections are All, Single, In Relationship, or Its Complicated.

The Invite Friends Tab allows you to send invitations to your Facebook friends to use the app. Let your friends know that this is a FREE app, and you would like to communicate and share photos with them.

At the bottom of the Home Feed page is an Icon of a blue house, click on the blue house to display notifications of Messages, Flirts, GF/BF (girlfriend or boyfriend) Requests, Friend Requests or BAE Requests. Click on the Slices in the Pie to display the messages.

**** The blue house icon appears in many screens, simply click on the blue house, to see your notifications, then click on the slices in the Pie to display the messages, when the messages appear click on the messages.

The Home Feed Screen displays  all of your pictures including all pictures from your friends, and photos that you have been tagged in from other users. Here you can like or dislike photos in your feed. Liking a Picture will increase that users BAE RATE, disliking a Picture will Lower their BAE RATE. Click on the pictures to see the full pictures and comments, when you are done simply swipe to the right to dismiss the picture and go back to the Home Feed Screen.

****At any Point Simply Swipe Down on the Screen to Refresh the Screen.

 At the top right hand corner is an image of a camera, click on the camera to post new pictures. Click on the “Add image” button to select a new photo to upload. At the bottom left on top of your keyboard is an image of “two heads”, click on this image to tag friends to share your photo with. The “Add image” selection allows you to take pictures or selfies, If you click on  the  photo that appears at the far right hand bottom of the screen it will allow you to choose photos from your Camera roll, Instagram, or DropBox, just keep swiping to the Left to select these various options.

This is your Profile Screen. Click the Settings Icon in the top right hand corner to view and change your settings. Here you can Edit your Profile, Change Password, Unblock Users, Turn off In-App Sounds, and Delete your Account.

This Screen also displays your “Bae Rate”. Your “Bae Rate” is a uniformed formula based on the number of Likes and Dislikes that you get for the Pictures you post.

Click on “Friends” and “Girlfriends/Boyfriends” to view other users engagements.

Click on “BAE” to display choices of Single, In a Relationship or Its Complicated. When Selecting a “BAE”  the other user must confirm that they are your “BAE” also.  When choosing a “BAE” you may continue to have “Friends” but you will not be allowed to have Girlfriends/Boyfriends, beneath “Girlfriends/Boyfreinds” will appear a message “TAKEN”. If you no longer wish to be a BAE simply click on “TAKEN” and change your status, Your X- BAE will now receive the message that they “have been dumped” by you.

The My Circle area is left available for you to send “My Circle” Requests to a maximum of 5 people. Simply click on the “+” symbol to select friends for your Circle, your friends must accept your request, Keep in mind that just because a person is a part of your Circle, does not mean that you are a part of theirs.

At the bottom of your Profile Screen is a list of all photos that you have taken, photos in your Home Feed screen will automatically be deleted from the feed within 7 days, but they will remain in your Profile screen unless you delete them yourselves. When clicking on your photos simply swipe to the right to get back to your profile screen.

​Using the App